The Job Interview - Get Your Head in The Game

16 May 2011

First of all you want to shake off any intimidation you may be feeling about meeting the person who has the power to change your life.  Realize that they have the very important task of finding the best person for the job, and they want to choose well in the best interest of their company.  They aren’t there to make you look bad or trip you up; if they are it’s not a job you want anyway. They may have a list of questions they want to ask you, but a good interviewer isn’t rigid about that; the list is a tool to bring a mutually informative conversation into play.

Do Your Research

  • It’s a sign of respect that you know some basics about their company; conversely it’s a really big mistake if you don’t.
  • Check out their website; what is their vision, what are their services or products, do they have multiple branches?  
  • Think of what you could “bring to the table,” and how your skills and capabilities jive with their philosophies and plans for growth.  This is often a question they will ask in one form or another, so be prepared.
  • Come up with a few genuine questions, based upon what you have learned; this shows them you are interested enough to inquire, as well as secure enough to bring up your own subjects.
  • Be ready to “change horses in the middle of the stream,” because once you get in the door you will need to adapt your ideas to what you see and hear, the interviewer’s body language, etc.More...


Interview Techniques

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