How to Save Time During the Online Application Process

19 Aug 2010

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When we work with resume clients, we provide them with a plain text version of their finished resume.  Regardless of whether you hire a professional or write your own resume, it is useful to have a plain text version on hand during your job application process.

Most medium to large companies now use online application systems for their job openings.  Some job seekers blow through these application systems, even writing things like “see resume” in the blanks asking for your previous job responsibilities.  This is a bad idea!  Many companies never look at applicants’ attached resumes until they’ve used specific keywords to screen the online applications.  Although employers generally look at things like education level or years of experience, they are also searching for specific things within your past job responsibilities.  Therefore, leaving those sections of an online job application blank can kill your chances of ever being forwarded through the hiring process.

Now, obviously typing your entire employment history into an online system is a very time-consuming process.  Cutting and pasting from your sleekly formatted resume will save you some time, but it will still take some work to go through and delete things like bullets and section dividers that don’t make sense inside the text box of an online application.  This is where having a plain text version of your resume can save you a tremendous amount of time.  By having your previous job accomplishments written out without any extra formatting, you can cut and paste quickly into the sections of an online system without having to spend much time editing.

Remember, no matter how frustrating the process can be, you simply have to complete the online application in a hiring system as thoroughly as possible.  The company may never see your impressive resume unless their application system recognizes you as the outstanding candidate that you are!

Author:  Jessica Holbrook Hernandez is an expert resume writer, career and personal branding strategist, author, and presenter.

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