11 Tips for Networking Successfully on LinkedIn

07 Dec 2010

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The last time I was speaking to a recruiter, he told me that his favorite recruiting tool was LinkedIn.  He told me that he loved its ease of use, how quickly he could learn a lot about people, and the fact that, in his words, “You can find anyone who is serious about their career in a few seconds.” 

LinkedIn has become a virtual resume, and if you tend to it properly you can use it to advance your career.  Here are ten tips to make your LinkedIn profile not only look as impressive as you are, but also make yourself a great networking asset in the community.

1. Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Up To Date

It can seem tedious to fill out yet another social networking profile, but when it comes to LinkedIn there’s always another opportunity around the corner.  Take the time to fill out your profile entirely and update it with new accomplishments.More...

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